It begins. I’ve joined the iPhone generation and testing my savvy by attempting to post this from my iPhone.


senuT delbmarcS

everything single thing’s your fault
to feel your heart beat in and out of time
has made it all clear if we run or we hide
girls are such a drag
you haven’t got a chance now
you don’t think I’d let you make a fool of me
you’re never gonna wake up change your mind
I know there’s something I can do
Something i can’t get my head around
How do we fix this if we never had vision
Everything’s magic
The whole wide world is mine
if this world was to die the light would guide you
you’ve got a problem with your life
something even better
Don’t tell me that it’s over I’m not used to this temptation
I can’t wait, til i get home, to pass the time in my room alone
It’s not right
but I can’t help believing
but you’re so beautiful
hear your voices sing back louder

Scrambled tunes

have you heard them talk about it
there’s a little black dark scar, tired divide
All the phones have rung and rung
he’s got a lotta heartache
misunderstood i said it many ways
what was that you said to me
you’re never gonna see what you like
I didn’t want a second chance
i shoulda turned back i shoulda known better
saw you again, i think you used me again
and do you ever feel like you’re alone
I was locked all day in the summer heat
the snow has come down on top of everything
so what’s the problem now this time
try to convince you that you can live without one
i hear the phone it rings so violently
I’ve been here, before, a few times
I never thought I’d die alone
it’s hard to wake up
This is the first thing i remember
please take me by the hand
if i had my own world


it isn’t worth your sense of entitlement
for me to feed your desire
it’s a lot of work you know why
you have a wave with a smile disguise
it isn’t hatred or spite just a sense of betterness
I like to call it bitterness, embarrasment
you can’t be seen with him
from one circle to another you avoid the overlap
fear, say it with me now.
words you can’t say so you’d rather avoid than deal.
Leave them wondering, holding a power of righteousness over them
with these words i take your power. you can hold nothing
over anyone and everything over no one
empowering myself to not care it saddens me to take this measure
what happened?


a long time coming
you’re finally here
the whole family is watching
you have nothing to fear

generations before us
fought for a land so glorious
dreams a chance to be realized
because of you we are alive

it was not a race for first
nor a destination of the worst
a trip, the longest trip, we all hope to
take it as far as you

once again you’ve raised the bar
the next generation has grabbed a hold
we have your strength to take us far
there is no such thing as growing old


in before the fall

gentle breeze will guide the way
now landed anew


Dirt had crawled into his socks, staining his heels. The day was over with a new future to begin.
A family left behind, left him for dead. Anger righteous and indignant. There would be no apology, no sweet revenge, just one foot in front of the other.
Starlight his only companion tonight, memories of the past life burning away until a new desire is formed.


a world with out
technology grasping in
side to side we bring

in the dawn of own
all are battling the unknown
why possessionless


 Landed on a tack


 balancing in the window


 I feel summer air




he came from farway lands
he saw his name and it began
a sappy love song in the making
and though the leaves keep changing
it became no fairytale romance

a fear of obscured reality
corrupted youth mentality

3 worlds destroyed with a confused swing
a world misunderstood taken out
by a stick of wood

a day in the life of undying love
day by day rebuilding what once was
hand in hand on the street
defiant to the jeers hearing quiet cheers